Experience affects price:

When designing any brick-paving project there are many unique details that designers who don’t specialize in this market may not consider. With many years of experience and many successful projects focused on building the best structure, we can read between the lines to identify potential problems, additions, and savings that other designers might miss. When we say, “We’ll take reasonable steps to ensure everything is done right from the very beginning,” we deliver.

Integrity affects price:

Do you trust your designer? At Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc we’ve successfully built trusting relationships with our clients by keeping our commitment to honesty, cost containment, and quality. In short: We keep our word. And if something unexpected occurs, the impact to your project will be identified and corrective measures will be taken to get your project back on track. When we say, “We’re looking out for your best interests,” we deliver.

Speed affects price: :

We realize you need to your project completed as quickly as possible. With Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc your project will be complete faster, you’ll be satisfied, and you’ll realize the professionalism we stand for. When we say, “You’ll satisfied once again,” we deliver.

Quality affects price:

While speed affects your bottom line now, quality affects it later. At Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc ., we employ expert and experienced supervision and hire quality subcontractors who also specialize in your niche. At Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc , quality is a priority. When we say, “Our goal is to satisfy our customer 100%,” we deliver. But how can you trust us to deliver on these promises? Trust what our clients say about us! It’s our satisfied clients that allow us to boast that 70% of our business comes from repeat customers, and well over 90% from repeats and referrals. Whether you’re building new or remodeling, whether you need to add a missing element to your existing design or you need someone to lead the entire process, Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc is your full service solution.

Project Design:

The first step in making your idea a reality is to involve a designer to develop a realistic, affordable, and effective design. We can organize your design team for you, provide general estimates and fees for the design phase, and develop conceptual drawings. This process can also include interaction with planners and manufacturers. Or, you can hire your own designer and come back to us when you’re ready to develop cost estimates.

Price Estimating:

We realize that developing a realistic project cost involves more than just calculating construction labor and materials. It requires foresight, gained through experience, to accurately compile all aspects and phases of a complex project. Once a price has been established, we then identify plan omissions, discrepancies, and potential cost saving procedures. We can also help you identify equipment vendors and help you obtain estimates. Or, if your situation dictates, we can expedite the construction process and work on a cost-plus-a- fee contract.

General Construction:

Once construction begins, you can trust the experience of Tavares Brick Pavers, Inc to deliver on time and within budget. We’ll hire all the necessary sub-contractors and generate all contracts, pick up all necessary permits, buy materials, coordinate delivery and installation by all your vendors, manage timelines and schedules, and oversee all inspections. Also, our service continues once the job is complete. We will be available to provide support throughout the start-up phase and our workmanship is guaranteed for a period of one year

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